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Since it was established, Çabasan A.Ş. not only follows all the technologic developments but also create modish and highly value added dyed fabrics by the help of its well educated workers and R&D studies. In Çabasan A.Ş. follows a chain production management style from R&D to production, from production to marketing.

Its 25 tons of production per day contains dyeing and finishing process of fabrics which are made of cotton, synthetic, viscon, woolen and mixture of these items. Çabasan A.Ş. has got dyeing machines in different capacities from 7kg. to 1.800 kg. and also Bruckner ram and sanforize machines with 8 cabins for open-width and 2 calender.

The original colors are prepared in our dyeing laboratory according to types of fabrics which our customers want. Color workouts are done in the light of preferences of our customers by using appropriate dyestuffs. Color checks are being done by spectrophotometer and results are filed separately according to customers and serial number in operating. Fabrics which are produced are tested in our laboratories. These results are reported to the customer while consignment.